Cool Antika 3x1

Quick-dryingprimer/topcoat intended for the decoration and protection of both exterior and interior metal surfaces (steel, cast iron). Its characteristics are exceptional anticorrosive properties, good adhesion and high weather resistance.


Apply with abrush, roller orsprayerto a clean and degreased surface in two layers. Apply the second layer max. 30 min after the application of the first layer. Thin the Cool Antika 3×1 with the COOL 3×1 thinner up to 5% before use. Use a nitro thinner for cleaning tools.

Paleta boja:

Grey, golden bronze, green, black, blue, Bordeaux


8 – 10 m2/l in one layer.

Shelf life and storage:

36 months in the original packaging at a temperature between + 5ºC and + 25ºC.

Packaging unit:

0.75 l