Cool NC 016

A special primer coating for safe adhesion of the COOL 016 adhesive to ceramic tiles when tiling over tiles. It is used for absorbing substrates and problematic surfaces with quick drying properties. Apply on cement and dry surfaces such as gypsum plasterboards, concrete, tiles, etc.


Before applying COOL NC 016, thin with water in a ratio of 1: 3 (1 part of NC COOL 016 and 3 parts of water). Apply undiluted on wooden surfaces. Apply in a thin and flat layer with a brush, without creating uneven texture and relief structures. Depending on the application conditions, drying time may be extended. The optimum operating temperature should range from +5°C to + 30°C. Do not use below +5ºC. After use, rinse tools with water immediately.


40 – 130 ml/m² in two layers depending on surface porosity and absorption.

Shelf life and storage:

18 months from the date embossed on the packaging. Keep in the original, well closed and undamaged factory packaging at temperatures from +5ºC to + 25ºC. Keep from freezing.

Packaging units:

1 l