A liquid that effectively inhibits, i.e. stops growth and development of bacteria and fungi on internal wall surfaces.


Use Preventoxto coat the infected surfaces with a brush or roller in one to two layers. The minimum time to dry the treated surface is 3 hours. Scrape the treated surface with a spray or brush. If necessary, repeat the procedure.After treating the walls with Preventox, leave the wall surfaces for 24 hours for the product to work.After that period, coat the walls with final dispersion paints.Use Preventox without thinning. Use water for cleaning tools.


The recommended dosage for use is 100-200 g/m² of undiluted product.
Keep from freezing.

Shelf life and storage:

Unlimited if stored at temperatures from 5 ° C to 25 ° C.

Packaging units:

0.5 l