Industrial coatings

In its assortment, NevenaColor has also products intended for various industries and specific markets.
When it comes to industrial coatings, it is very important to have ahelping hand with choosing the right coating. Our expert team is therefore at your disposal for choosing the solution that best suits your needs.

2K polyurethane coatings

Colorlesspolyurethane coatings

  • Polyurethaneundercoat
  • Polyurethanevarnish (glossy, medium gloss, matte)

Pigmented polyurethanecoatings

  • Polyurethaneundercoat white
  • Polyurethane coat white (glossy, medium gloss, matte)

Nitro coatings

Colorless nitro coatings

  • Nitro lacquer primer
  • Nitro lacquer finish (glossy, matte)

Pigmented nitro coatings

  • Nitro ground primer
  • Nitro enamel

Nitro stain

Epoxy coatings

  • 2K epoxy primer
  • 2K epoxy topcoat

Quick-drying coatings

  • Quick-drying primer
  • Quick-drying enamel