Acrylic enamel used for repairing and reparation of smaller damaged bath.


Apply with a brush, roller or sprayerin two layers. For metallic baths, apply the acrylic enamel bath repairover the COOL acrylic metal primer. For plastic baths, use the COOL acrylic enamel only. Do not use strong chemical and abrasive agents to clean the bathtub after the repair. Prior to painting, clean the bathtub surface of any rust, lime, silicones and deposits of soap or grease in order to provide a lasting effect of the paint. Sand the cleaned and degreased surface with the appropriate sanding paper (180-220) and dry well so that the acrylic paint adheres better. Large damages to the bathtub (cracks, chips or holes larger than 2-3 cm) must be repaired with an adequate bathpolyester kit. Thin the COOL acrylic enamel repair forbathswith max. 10% water and mix well before use. Let dry for 6-8 h before the application of the second layer. Clean the tools immediately after use. The optimum operating temperature is from + 10ºC to + 30ºC.

Shelf life and storage:

18 months from the date embossed on the packaging. Store in the original, well closed and undamaged factory packaging at a temperature between + 5ºC and + 25ºC. Keep from freezing.


8-10 m2/l in one layer.

Packaging unit:

0.45 l