Water-based acrylic intended for protection of interior and exterior wooden surfaces. It emphasizes the wood natural wood texture. Resistant to weather conditions and UV radiation.


Apply with a brush, roller or sprayer in 2 – 3 layers on a clean, dry and sanded surface at temperatures between +10°C to 25°C. Sand between layers! Use water for thinning (~10%) and to wash the tools.Let dry 4-6h before application of the next layer.

Color palette:

Transparent, white, pine, teak, walnut, blue, mahogany, oak, rosewood, chestnut, red, ebony and green


10-12 m²/l in one layer.

Shelf life and storage:

18 months from a date printed on the packaging. Keep in the original, well closed and undamaged factory packaging, at temperatures from +5ºC to +25ºC. Keep from freezing.

Packaging size:

0,65 l i 2,5 l