Cool Gold lasure protect the wood from the influence of time, colour it decoratively and refines its surface. It gives the wood the natural appearance and shows its structure visible.



The product is thinnedup to 10% with oil thinner depending on the application method –with a cloth pad, brush, or dipping. A dry wood surface is prepared by light sanding and then the thinned product is applied to the clean and dry wood surface. It is recommended to apply 1 or 2 layersfor the interior protection, and 2 or 3 layersfor the exterior. Intermediate sanding is mandatory.Dry to touch in 4 – 6 hours. Let dry for 12 h before application of the next layer.


8-10 m² can be coated in one layer with 1l.

Shelf life and storage:

36 months in the original packaging.

Packaging unit:

0.75 l, 2.5 l i 10 l