Cool profi filler

COOL FILLER is a gypsum-based powder material with the addition of certain additives and natural fillers. It is intended for filling gypsum plasterboards with semicircular HRAK and tapered AX angles, using reinforcing tapes. It is used for filling and skimming joints, filling imperfections and damages, as well as fasteners for fastening plasterboards. Easy to prepare and easy to apply.


Pour a 5 kg COOL FILLER into about 2.4 kg of clean and cold water, mix manually or by an electric mixer until a homogeneous lump-free mixture is formed. Add water if the mixture appears to be too thick. The compound can be used for 60 minutes after preparation. When filling the plasterboard joints, clean the joints from dust, foreign matter, poorly bonded parts; the surface must be solid, clean and dry. Fill the joints with the prepared material, then lay the reinforcing tape, gently press it into the material and skim it. Let dry and apply the second layer over the previous one. Correct any unevenness. If necessary, apply the third layer to the hardened second layer for fine skimming. To obtain an extremely flat surface, apply the final layer in the width of app.30 cm. The optimum operating temperature should range from 10°C to + 30°C. Do not use below +5ºC. After use, rinse tools with water immediately.

Shelf life and storage:

12 months from the date of manufacture. Keep in the original, undamaged factory sealed packaging, in dry and ventilated premises at a temperature between +5°C and + 25°C.


0.2 – 0.5 kg/m2 for jointing, depending on the location and type of joints.

Packaging units:

5 kg i 25 kg