Cool Uni adhesived

COOL Uni construction adhesive for styrofoam and mesh is made on the basis of polymers and cement. It is intended for the adhesion of thermal insulation boards made of polystyrene and for mesh reinforcement.


Substrate preparation: minimum 2-month-old concrete substrate, bricks, extended mortar, aerated concrete, corrugated boards, etc., must be flat, firm, dry, clean and not frozen. Compound preparation: Mix the contents of a 25 kg bag with approximately 6 liters of water, manually or by electric mixer until the compound becomes homogeneous. Allow to rest for about 10 minutes and stir again. Application method: Adhesion of the insulation boards: Apply straps of the COOL SUPER ELASTIC adhesive along the board edges and spots along the middle, then press the board onto the prepared substrate. The recommended anchoring of styrofoam boards is, as a rule, at least 6 anchors per m². The board surface covered with the adhesive must be above 40%. The optimum operating temperature is from +5 to +30°C. Processing: Apply the COOL adhesive on glued boards (after 2 days) with a metal trowel in a thickness of 2 – 3 mm. Allow the layer to set for 48 hours (under normal conditions) and then finish with a decorative mortar. A total film thickness of applied adhesive is up to 4 mm. The optimum operating temperature is from +5 to +30°C.

Shelf life and storage:

12 months in the factory sealed packaging, in dry and ventilated premises at a temperature between + 5°C and + 30°C.


3.0 -4.0 kg/m²

Packaging units:

25 kg