For corrosion protection of metal surfaces. Recommended for steel structures, metal gates, fences, agricultural and construction machinery. Its characteristics are quick drying, good adhesion, hardness and elasticity.
Composed of high-quality synthetic binders in combination with nitrocellulose, organic and inorganic pigments, fillers and solvents as well as special additives.


Stir well before use. The surface should be dry and clean before application. Apply with a brush, roller or by dipping. Use a nitro thinner for thinning. Completely dry surface in 2-3 hours at a temperature of 20 – 30°C.

Color palette:

Grey, red and black


8 – 10 m² can be coated with 1 kg metal primer in one layer.

Shelf life and storage:

36 months in the original packaging.

Packaging unit:

0.9 kg, 3.5 kg and 25 kg