Clear varnish mixed with sawdust in order to fill the joints. Use the prepared filler mass to obtain the effect of a monolithic floor with excellent visual appearance at the same time reducing the consumption of the varnish.
It is intended for filling the joints that appear during the installation of parquet flooring and restoring minor damages to the parquet. The prepared filler mass is applied before parquet sanding.


Add the sawdust from the last sanding into the joint filler to obtain a thick mass (putty consistency) that is applied with a trowelover the whole surface. After drying for 1 – 2 hours the parquet can be sanded.

Packaging units:

0,9 kg i 4 kg


8 – 10 m² can be coated with 1 l in one layer of varnish.

Shelf life and storage:

3 years in the original packaging.