High gloss decorative coating resistant to wear and scratches It is intended for varnishing of all kinds of parquet, wooden flooring, household furniture, etc.


The surface that is to be varnished should be sanded, dry, free of grease and wax. Components A and B are mixed in a ratio of 1: 1 immediately before use. The prepared mixture must be used in 6 – 8 hours. Apply with a brush, roller or a gun in three layers with intermediate sanding. Use sanding paper No. 120 – 150 for intermediate sanding. Apply the next layer of varnish after 24 hours. Clean applicators and tools with a nitro thinner. Wait 48 hours before using the premises after the application of the varnish.


80 – 100 g/m²

Shelf life and storage:

36 months in the original packaging.

Packaging units:

1+1 l, 2.5+2,5 l, 20+20 l